Beer Bongs For World Peace


hungry children fed through the sale of beer bongs!

Excited to announce the release of two new Beer Bongs For World Peace merchandise items that contribute to feeding hungry children around the world. Instead of just feeding hungry children with beer bongs and beer...shirts you can now show you are a good deeder by wearing the wristband or cracking happy fluid bottles with the BBFWP bottle opener.

The bottle opener proudly and artistically portrays the logo and website BEER BONGS FOR WORLD PEACE .ORG/ASM. The custom wrist-band says BEER BONGS FOR WORLD PEACE in plain font for all literate folk to read good.

Bottle Opener

 Both of these totes adorbs merch pieces contribute to world peace by providing hungry children with school meals. The school meal program encourages the children to attend school while giving them the nutrition they need to learn global issues, tolerance and love

These items are popular in the college culture and at college parties. It always feels great to party, especially when you party for a purpose.

custom wrist-band

To view additional items that contribute to world peace and are a blast to party with click here. Until next time, keep partying your pants off!




Written by Casey Curtis — March 03, 2013

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Our Movement

Beer Bongs For World Peace has a mission. To enlighten the world with uplifting and positive energy similar to the effects of beer bonging a cold refreshing brew.

A beer bong is instant happiness in your belly, like world peace is for the globe. Through our merchandise sales, BBFWP raises awareness, and funds, to help combat global hunger.

It is this idea of partying for a purpose that has allowed us to feed thousands of children, a number which continues to grow every day with support from glorious people like you.

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