Beer Bongs For World Peace


hungry children fed through the sale of beer bongs!

Partying for a purpose

A group of Cal Poly graduates is committed to saving the world, one beerbong at a time. College drinking buddies turned professional business partners Casey Curtis and Quinn Lewis recently started Beerbongs for World Peace, a company that sells beerbongs to help feed starving children ...

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World peace, one beer bong at a time

It is a Friday night-in and a knock bangs at the door. Instead of the expected pizza delivery man, there stands a bearded, stocky man holding a black funnel and tube – known to college students everywhere as a beer bong – which he says will help stop world hunger ...

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Our Movement

Beer Bongs For World Peace has a mission. To enlighten the world with uplifting and positive energy similar to the effects of beer bonging a cold refreshing brew.

A beer bong is instant happiness in your belly, like world peace is for the globe. Through our merchandise sales, BBFWP raises awareness, and funds, to help combat global hunger.

It is this idea of partying for a purpose that has allowed us to feed thousands of children, a number which continues to grow every day with support from glorious people like you.

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